No Exam Life Insurance and Heart Attacks – How to Qualify

Surviving a heart attack is truly an amazing feat and you should consider yourself lucky to still be alive. However, this unpleasant event must determine you to visit cardiologists and purchase life insurance. In case that you die, the family will be monetarily compensated for the loss.

heart.attackThe good news is that even if you had attack, you can still get life insurance. The bad news is that it is harder to find companies that will approve you.  You can qualify easier if you apply for no exam life insurance.

No exam policies are designed to accept as clients the vast majority of people. So, if you did not find any company that sells standard policies, you should apply for no exam life insurance. There are better chances to be approved for no exam life insurance than for anything else.

You can even find companies that provide automatic qualification and care less about your hearth problems. But, be prepared to pay more, especially if you opt for the second type of no exam life insurance.  Rates are usually determined based on the health and age of the applicant.

Since health is unknown, it is normal for the company to ask more. However, all companies will want to know if you have a terminal disease or not.   Once you formulate the insurance request, the company will handle you a questionnaire.

The number of questions depends on the company and it varies a lot. Some companies may only ask you one or two questions (if you are terminally ill and if you suffer from certain diseases), while other companies require more details and it may ask up to 16 questions.  Before applying to any company, we recommend you to search for no exam life insurance quotes.

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