Life Insurance No Medical Exam: 3 Advantages!

Life insurance with no medical exam has become one of the most appreciated forms of life insurance.  Here you can read more about 3 advantages of life insurance no medical exams:

whole-life-insurance-retirement-age11)     Seniors can qualify for it. Elderly do not have so many options when it comes to life insurance policies. If an individual is over 50 years old, there are little chances he or she will be approved as a client for standard life insurance. No exam policies represent a viable alternative and it provides exactly what is needed: financial protection in exchange for regular premiums.

However, do not think that you can purchase this policy at any age. There are still some age limits. Some companies do not provide coverage for persons over 80 years old while others are more tolerant and provide coverage for people that are not older than 90 years old.

2)     Sick persons can qualify for it.  If you are suffering of pneumonia, diabetes, high blood pressure or other similar diseases, you will be rejected by companies. If you do not want to lose precious time, check first the companies selling no exam policies.

Talk with an insurance agent that will be able to evaluate your case and determine which policy is suitable for your budget and medical condition.  Unfortunately, not all people can be insured. Cancer sufferers, HIV/AIDS sufferers and those terminally ill are not eligible for no exam life insurance. However, cancer survivors can purchase no exam life insurance.

3)     Fair prices.  The prices are above average and this is the main reason why so many people avoided purchasing no exam life insurance. But high competitiveness has determined the prices to get lower.

Also, it really depends on your medical condition. If you are not that sick and your condition is under control, you will get better rates.  For more details about prices, talk with an insurance representative or check online quotes.

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