Can No Medical Life Insurance Cover Funeral Costs?

You should be aware that a funeral has a high cost. If you are a senior person, this topic might be a bit disturbing, but nevertheless, it would be wise to prearrange the burial.

funeralfuneral10You can always talk with a local funeral home and prearrange all the funeral elements, but still, having a life insurance will be better, since it will help differing all the medical expenses and estate taxes associated with the death of a person.

Final expense insurance is usually attached as a rider in pre-existing policies or it can be bought as a standalone policy. If you are old and you just have thought about purchasing this type of insurance, you should know that no medical life insurance can cover funeral costs.

Final expense insurance is a small value policy used solely to cover all the funeral expenses of the insured.  A maximum value of $10.000-$20.000 is not extravagant at all. This will help the family pay for flowers, music, embalming services, medical exam, newspaper notification, legal documents,  digging fee, transport vehicle and clergy honoraria.

Final expense insurance can be considered a small life insurance policy, since it provides permanent protection. The policy is in force for as long its owner lives and pays the required premiums. The amount of coverage is small, just enough to pay the bills and the premiums are also very affordable. They range between several tens of dollars per month to a couple of hundreds of dollars per month.

Most of the companies that offer this small whole life policy offer them as a part of the guaranteed acceptance pack, meaning that you will not have to answer to medical questions or submit to any medical exam.

We advise to talk with and insurance agent or get some relevant quotes. Compare prices, analyze you budget and make a smart deal.

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