Which Are The Best Life Insurance Companies?

When buying life insurance, you need a trustworthy agency. If your family files a claim, the agency will have to provide the death benefit guaranteed by the policy. If you buy term life insurance from an unreliable provider, your surviving family members may have difficulties receiving the insurance proceedings.

Couple-Financial-PlanningHere are some of the best life insurance companies that operate in the United States:

New York Life

New York Life is an insurance company that provides different types of coverage like term, whole, universal and variable universal. They are a well known company and what is most impressive about them is their credit rating. They have been ranked as one of the most successful insurance provider in 2014, having a credit rating of AAA+.

Customers have also praised this agency for its quick response to death claims. This shows that they are dedicated to their mission and interested in the client’s security and wellbeing.


MetLife is an insurance agency with a history of over 140 years. Started in New York, the business has evolved quickly and it now provides insurance at a global level through its numerous representatives.

A long history, good credit rating and popularity, make MetLife a reliable provider. Their rates are also advantageous as they continue to be a leader in the insurance industry. They also develop new products that can help even more clients qualify for coverage.

State Farm

State Farm  started off in the auto insurance business but it has quickly evolved and now, it sells more than 100 insurance products. It also offers financial services like banking and personal finances.

State Farm has the reputation of a very professional company. Its rates are competitive and the products varied and advantageous. It is possible to purchase all the insurance policies you need from a single provider: this is an advantage that is hard to pass.

These are some of the most popular agencies. There are a lot more reliable providers that are not as well known. We can help you find the best rates by comparing online life insurance quotes. Click here!